A Story About a Sure Thing.

For years, the sole purpose of this website (formerly keithdecristo.com) was to serve as an online repository for my creative and commercial endeavors in photography and cinematography.  There I was, minding my own business when along comes the 21st Century and before I knew it, more and more folks started to hire me to produce and direct the very same content I was shooting.  It was at that very moment I knew in my heart, that someone saw something truly special in my artistic abilities, and somehow they believed what I already knew- that they could trust me behind the camera not just as a Cinematographer but also as their Director, a privilege only bestowed upon the fortunate and few - except you and I both know that the truthier version of this banal platitude is that I probably got the job that day because the original director either failed to show up, or f*cked-up and got fired. Add to the mix a first AD, far too busy vomiting from last night’s charity benefit (turned charity-bender) to do anything, resulting in the kind of chaos that induces screamning, followed by extremely rash decision making. Even the mild-mannered Key Grip manages to spell the phrase “shitshow” out of C-Stands (which the Gaffer was only too happy to light) when suddenly, the 2nd AD (whom I worked with on that show about piano movers) remembered taking my number and called me straight away because she knew that I was _________ and __________ enough to take the job.

This next paragraph is for those readers who were expecting me to wrap up the above paragraph with a metaphor about struggle, followed by an affirmation about success and are still reading this, but only because I didn’t go there. The simple reason is that I have far too much respect for you, the liker, reader, and watcher of all media. I too, hate to be bored.  And so what started off as simple blah-blah copy about branded content, turned into a memorable, strange but true* anecdote about life on a film set, and if you are still here reading this, but originally arrived because you were seeking a company that can create engaging branded content, then look no further. If fact, get out of that chair and take a well deserved early lunch because-- 

--I’m definitely the one you should be hiring.  Welcome to mantaray.media